Foco Woman
Monday, 13 July 2020 14:38

Grab the Most from COVID

It arrived unexpected and unwelcomed. Yet we are here. We didn’t ask for it, COVID-19, the pandemic. So how will we handle this?  What will we look back and remember?

I do not want to know that I

  • Wasted the quiet time with “What if’s”
  • Let fear of the uncertainty stifle my courage
  • That I let myself get dull
  • Because of Fear I became negative.
  • Lose hope
  • Lose my friends because I ignored them

 I want to know that, besides sheltering in place or practicing social distancing, and wearing masks, that I

  • The changes made me stronger.
  • I worked to have the best in me respond to new challenges.
  • Looked for good things
  • The little things of personal gesture I noticed.  Such as “This cart is clean” a smile from a stranger, neighbors waving.
  • The big things such as teddy bears in windows, American flags, sidewalk messages, drive by parades all brought tears to my eyes.
  • Made extra time to message or call and check on people.
  • Grew my patience and my compassion

None of us wanted this.  We still don’t.  We do not want the sadness or the losing of friends and family.  We never want these type things, yet they seem to happen to us all.

Do not let the circumstance define you.  We all should take a few minutes and make sure this COVID will not change us only make us better.

We always have a choice.  Choose Wisely, my dear friends!

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