Foco Woman
Sunday, 21 July 2019 16:03

HOTWORX, the 24-hour infrared fitness studio

HOTWORXS located at The Shops at Laurel Springs has been opened for one year.

HOTWORX offers a total of 9 different classes that can be taken every 45 minutes throughout the day and night.  Workouts are in an infrared sauna set at 125 degrees.  members follow along with the virtual instructors on a flat panel in each sauna.  Owner, Katharine Francis, found HOTWORX to be life changing in eleiminating the pain from a number of surgeries over the years.  "I have had a double fusion back surgery; I've had two shoulder surgeries, I was an athelete and I just beat the crap out of my body."  "The proven detox effects from Infrared Saunas help me to sleep better and have more energy."

So come in for yourself and try this new concept right here in Forsyth County.  Enjoy the $1 Enrollment Special and the convenience of 24 hour access.