In recent years, many of the travel providers that were traditionally classified as “luxury” have shifted their focus to meet travelers' rapidly increasing demand for authentic experiences. Additionally, many luxury tour and cruise companies now offer multi-generational itineraries that help families travel the world together and make lasting memories.

Traveling is enriching, fun and creates lifelong memories. In recent years, many travel providers have started to recognize the importance in providing accommodations for guests with autism and other special needs.

Georgia Law July 1, 2018 - Your phone is allowed to be in the car, but while your car is moving or even when it's stopped, you're not allowed to pick the phone up, dial numbers, punch in addresses or otherwise use the phone for anything that requires your hands.

As you probably guessed...pets are the passion of The Humane Society of Forsyth County,

But did you know they do a whole lot more?