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Friday, 17 April 2020 09:13

For Profit Businesses asking for Donations is Taking Needed Funds from Local Non-profit Organizations

Forsyth County is a place that has an abundance of great non-profits.  These organizations provide food, housing, medical care and much more for our residents and our animals.  People work long hard unpaid volunteer hours to support these fabulous organizations.

Much of their revenue is from donations. A donation is a gift. It’s a word with a special meaning when used by nonprofit organizations. For them it’s a gift given with the expectation that it is used for a specific purpose and is tax-deductible to the donor.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit all of us hard.  Many small businesses are having to make hard decisions and have already some tough decisions in furloughing staff and closing their doors temporarily.  Small business loans, payroll protection loans are all being offered by the government to help in these times. As well as federally subsidized unemployment payments.

To make sure your donations are going to truly non-profits look at the business closely prior to giving a donation or what truly should be called a gift.  Is this business a true Mom and Pop that relies on the day to day sales to sustain or are they part of a large corporation?  For example, one local company states on their own website it is one of the largest, privately held media companies in the U.S.  It goes on to state the company today owns and operates about 70 publications including four dailies as well as eleven-network-affiliate television and other media-related ventures in ten states and the Caribbean.

ForsythCounty.com and FoCo Woman truly support local business and nonprofits in Forsyth County.  We are proud sponsors of Keep Forsyth County Beautiful, The Humane Society of Forsyth County, Bmore and Age Well Forsyth to name a few.

Thank you for supporting us over this past year with Locally owned FoCo Woman and over the past 20 plus years with locally owned ForsythCounty.com.  We look forward to being here to share more stories and information about the People, Places and Things that make Forsyth County.

Stay Strong Forsyth!!!!

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