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Thursday, 02 April 2020 10:39

The Act of Waving is on the rise!

We wave hands to friends, fans, guests, neighbors, colleagues and relatives. We laugh at the Princess or Beauty Pageant type wave. Sometimes words can’t reach due to distance, so the mere hand wave becomes our words.

During these times of sheltering in place, we have seen many pictures of waving through windows.  The newborn baby, visiting the grandparent, waving as the neighborhood parade goes down the street, and many more.  I personally have been delivering food and people wave from the street, the porch from inside buildings and it makes me smile.

Hand wave has a very basic purpose that makes us social by exhibiting a disarmed and friendly state.  It simply states, “Feel Safe”.  The hand wave is not formal like the hand sake.  The handshake is used for formal agreements, the wave is showing openness, friendliness and harmless intentions.  The hand wave is affectionate and silently says “Don’t forget me…”, I care for you…” or Come again…”

It is a natural tendency to get attracted to things that moves or flutters.  In the same way the hand wave becomes attention seeking while saying “Hey” or Hello”. 

So, as we in Georgia begin our Shelter in Place, remember the wave, and use it often because we all need a friendly gesture.  For all of those that have waved at me these past few weeks and with the weeks to come, you do not know how nice it is to see that expression, so I say Thank You with a wave!

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