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Wednesday, 02 September 2020 17:58

Labor Day Weekend and Mask Featured


Experts are claiming that Memorial Day celebrations — and the absence of masks and social distancing — contributed to the recent spike in coronavirus numbers.

The same group warns that the same thing may happen after Labor Day if we are not careful.

The report by  a specialist in microbiology and immunology who's worked with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, showed an increase of more than 600 percent from Memorial Day to July 11.

Local reports  that Georgia tallied increased cases almost every week from mid-May through mid-July have been reported.

CDC reports Georgia is doing better, but the state is still in a “shaky” time.  Some gains have been made but we are not back to where we were prior to the summer surge.

Georgia is doing better now, but the state is still in "a shaky spot”.

So to avoid the surge Labor Day: Wear face coverings, stay 6 feet apart and limit gatherings to fewer than 10 people.