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Wednesday, 22 July 2020 12:19

Forsyth County Reopens Schools for 2020 year.

They have a plan. Or do they?

Medical professionals are the ones to trust about reopening schools.

There needs to be a detailed plan if the schools are to reopen before the pandemic is over.

What is the plan?

So what happens when one of the kids in the class tests positive?
Do we quarantine the whole class for two weeks? The whole school?
Are we going to test every kid in the class?

What about the teachers? What if one of them tests positive? Are they going to be paid for staying home?

How are they going to get substitute teachers to come in after a class has been exposed? And what if a substitute teacher turns up positive? Do we quarantine every school the sub has worked in?

If kids and teachers are sent home to quarantine what about the rest of the school? Do we have enough tests to test every kid if someone turns up positive?

Mr. bearden and the Board of Education, the blood is on your hands if a child dies.