Local News
Tuesday, 03 March 2020 10:49

Qualification for Candidates Begin

Candidates for county commission, sheriff and board of education were some of whom qualified for local races on Monday.  Other positions were School District and Coroner.

Both Senate seats have candidates with local ties as Libertarian Shane Hazel, a Forsyth County resident who previously ran for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District as a Republican, will run for the seat against Sen. David Perdue and Rep. Doug Collins, who represents Forsyth County and 19 other counties in northwest Georgia will run against Sen. Kelly Loeffler for the seat previously held by Johnny Isakson.

The races for both of Forsyth County’s Congressional seats – Districts 7 and 9 – are also expected to see many candidates as District 7 Rep. Rob Woodall is not seeking re-election and Collins is running for Senate.

Qualifying will remain open until Friday at noon for both nonpartisan and political party candidate.   The general primary will be held on Tuesday, May 19.  There will be three weeks of advance voting.

The general primary will consist of non-partisan races and selecting party candidates for the Nov. 3 general election. The Senate race for the seat held by Sen. Kelly Loeffler will be decided in November.

As of 3/2/2020 the following have qualified:

U.S. Senate

Senator David Purdue--Republican (I)

James Knox-Democratic

Teresa Tomlinson--Democrat

Shane Hazel-Libertarian

Sen.Kelly Loeffler-Republican (I)

Doug Collins- Republican

Tamara Johnson-Shealey-Democratic

Richard Dien Winfield-Democratic

Allen Bucikley-Independent

U.S. House ofRepresentatives:  Districat &

Mark Gonsalves-Republican

Lynne Homrich-Republican

Renee Unterman-Republican

Carolyn Bourdeauz-Democratic

U..S House of Representatives:  District 9

Michael Boggus-Republican

Anddrew Clyde-Republican

Matt Gurtler-Republican

Maria Strickland-Republican

Kevin Tanner-Republican

Ethan Underwood-Republican

State House District 9

Clint Smith- Republican

Will Wade-Republican

State House District 22

Rep. Wes Cantrell Republican (i)

Charles Ravencraft-Democratic

State House District 24

Re. . Sheri Gilliam-Republican (I)

Natalie Bucsko-Democratic

State House District 25

Todd Jones-Republican (I)

Christa Olenczak-Democratic

State House District 26

Lauren McDonald III Republican

Jason Boskey--Democratic

Board of Education- District 3

Tom Cleveland-Republican (I)

Barry S. Herrin==Republican

County Commissioner- District 4

Cindy Jones Mills-Republican (I)


Paul W. Holbrook-Republican

Ted Paxton-Republican

Clerk of Superior Court

Greg G. Allen

Tax Commissioner

Matthew C. Ledbetter

Chief Magistrate

Walker H. Bramblett

Chief Judge, State Court of Forsyth County

T. Russell McClelland, III