Foco Woman
Sunday, 16 December 2018 11:47

Keto Friendly Drinks that are More Exciting than Water

Life drinking only water sounds boring--luckily, there are quite a few keto-friendly drinks you can still down.

A few ground rules: Sugar is not your friend!!!!  so stay away from fruit juice and regular soda and cow's milk.


As long as it's not packed with added sugar, you're fine to ddrink as much of these beverages as you want!!!  Black is your best bet, but if you need a little flavoring make susre you opt for a sugarfree syrup or artifical sweetner.  You can also have heavy cream or coconut oit.


Most diet sodas and beverages sweetened with stevia and other sugar substitutes have zero calories or grams of carbs.  Still verify that your drink definitely has less than five grams of total sugar.  Also important to note is artifically sweetened sodas might cause some stomach issues.  The key is "excessive" a few now and then ok.


So milk is off limits, but milk alternatives are totally in right now.  Make sure your version is unsweetened and stick to coconut or almond; soy milk actually has just as many carbs as cow's milk


Try sparklng water, clud soda, seltzer drinks like La Croix.  As with everything just read the label.  You should stay away from tonic water as it as 22 grams of carbs per eigh ounce serving!  You can go ahead and add some fruit just make sure it is low-carb keto fruit.


Again, fruit is tricky area, so berries are okay; apples and bananas not so much.  So instead of filling up your blender with fruit juices, go ahead and use this opportunity to up your fat content through full-fat coconut milk, heavy cream or coconut oil.  Keto protein powders are also a great option, just stick to ones with a higher fat content like whey, casein, egg protein, beef protein and collagen protein powders.

Keep watching as we will update you on alcoholic keto drinks later in the week.