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Thursday, 17 October 2019 13:24

Massage Therapy and Hormonal Balance

From hot flashes and insomnia to irritability, moodiness and fatigue, hormonal imbalances can greatly diminish overall quality of life for many women.

There happens to be an all-natural solution that can offer a great deal of relief, without side effects: massage therapy.

Yes, massage therapy, generally revered for its relaxing and soothing benefits, has been researched for providing positive effects on the hormones in the body. Massage helps the body heal and move towards homeostasis, or a state of balance.

Massage therapy increases the body's production of oxytocin, known as the feel good or love hormone. Traditionally known for it's role in mother and child bonding, influencing feelings of love and connection, oxytocin is also helpful in improving digestion, reducing anxiety, hyperactivity and inflammation.

We know that high levels of stress increase the symptoms of menopause and imbalance of female hormones. Touch Research Institutes in Miami conducted a study showing regular massage therapy has a profound effect on hormone levels related to stress, pain and immune function. They found "significant decreases were noted in cortisol levels (averaging decreases 31%), an average increase of 28% was noted for serotonin and an average increase of 31% was noted for dopamine." (Field THernandez-Reif MDiego MSchanberg SKuhn C. Touch Research Institutes, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida 33101, USA. [email protected])

Improved sleep helps the body deal with transitions, repair damage and regenerate healthy cells. Massage helps your brain achieve delta waves, associated with deep sleep. Clients report deeper sleep the night after receiving massage therapy, and improved nightly sleep patterns over time with regular visits.

So, as you can see, massage does a body good! Improved overall hormone regulation helps women feel more balanced, tranquil and calm. When we reduce stress in our life and bring harmony to our inner biome, the result is fewer negative symptoms, more ease and a higher experience of life's pleasures.

Jennessa Sabella is a massage therapist and the owner of Bliss Mama, a holistic healing spa for women. She is passionate about delivering high quality spa services to the women of Forsyth County. With a skilled staff of licensed massage therapists and estheticians, Bliss Mama offers customized massage therapy, organic and clinical facials, unique spa services and health coaching