Foco Woman
Saturday, 18 May 2019 12:32

Fake Flowers Can you really tell???

 As much as I positively love gardening in my containers every year, there are a few flower pots that I’ve had it with.

Some of my container planters just hate whatever I put in there! Maybe it’s the lack of water that I can get them, or the full sun or the black planters but flowers continually shrivel and die. I’m tired of redoing these planters all summer long! I am admitting to cheating and planting fake flowers outside in certain places. Yes, outdoor artificial landscaping is my new jam. No, I don’t use fade resistant flowers everywhere (I truly do love my garden and real flowers) but using UV silk flowers in certain places is making my life easier. I challenge you to notice they are even artificial flowers!

 Here is how to make it work,,

Mix the flowers in a very organic style. This is not the time for perfectly arranged floral arrangements. You want the plants to look natural. Mix varieties and intertwine the branches so they look like they’ve grown into each other Also, allow them to trail naturally. These silk flowers are an easy diy as long as you make it look like the earth grew them and abandon perfection! I started with the soil that was in there from last year. In this case, roots from the previous year work in your favor. Old soil is thick and will grip the UV plants better so they stay put.

Happy Gardening....