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Friday, 14 December 2018 14:04

Crock Pot Chocolate Cherry Nut Cups

Homemade Christmas candy is so easy to make in the crock pot.

Melt some chocolate and add some fun stuff.

I used dried cherries, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, and roasted peanuts for this chocolate nut cup recipe.

Feel free to use whatever combination of your favorite dried fruit and nuts you’d like.


20 oz. block chocolate candy bark

dried cherries

roasted peanuts

macadamia nuts

pumpkin seeds

mini paper candy cups


In a small crock pot melt the chocolate bark on low stirring occasionally

Place mini candy cup papers on a baking sheet or in a mini muffin pan

Fill cups halfway with any combination of dried cherries and nusts that you like

Using a small cookie dough scoop carefully fill the paper candy cup with chocolate bark

Lightly tap the baking sheet or mini muffin pan on the counter to help the chocolate settle around the cranberries and nuts

If making a combination of flavors top each candy cup with the corresponding dried fruit and nuts used

Set aside to harden at least an hour

Package in fun Christmas treat bags

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