Monday, 11 February 2019 08:13

Dear Harper is Here!

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                     Foco Woman

Welcomes you to the newest feature “Dear Harper”

Dear Harper will begin in the next few days.  In the tradition of the greatest personal advice columnist Dear Harper will give you straight answers that readers of all ages can relate with.  She will discuss topics of interest to her readers and then answer their personal questions with empathy and humor.  She will give you straight-to-the-heart precision informed opinions. 

Have you always had that question or questions you wanted to ask, but really did not want to discuss with a friend or family member?  Wait to ask no more, Dear Harper is here.  Send us your questions and we will begin to answer them on our Facebook page as well as  magazine each edition.   Start sending those questions to  [email protected] we are ready to get the answers to you. 

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