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Tuesday, 18 December 2018 10:12

Q Korean SteakHouse

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Finally! Korean BBQ in Cumming

  When I walked inside, I was really impressed by the decor.  I was greeted right away and sat down. The manager stated that it was their 4th day open and I am really excited.

   I had stopped by many times during build out and  was told that this was going to be called Iron Age Cumming but they decided to change the name last minute.  The menu tells you everything you can get on the AYCE menu.  I ordered the beef brisket, filet mignon, Q steak, shrimp, Hawaiian bulgogi, and pork belly.  I will sa  the beef brisket was fabulous.  So tasty.  The most impressive item on the menu was the filet mignon. It was so juicy and tender. High quality steak there.  Keep in the mind that the price for dinner is only $25 and lunch $15.  And you get a ton of great meats.   

    As far as the free sides, they have ramen in a cup here.  They actually bring it to you still inside the package container which it's a first. Of course kimchi and spicy rice cakes.  The Korean salad is your typical salad.  They do have onion chives salad. 

     Service here was amazing and our waiter cooked to perfection. He was a veteran in Korean bbq cooking.

      I highly recommend this place if your in the area and want to try a new Korean Bbq AYCE place. 

    Hopefully this place does well as it's one of the only kind in Forsyth county.  Enjoy the photos.  Their website isn't up and running as far as links yet. I was told their hours were until 10pm or 11pm.  Please go to their Facebook page to see more pictures and will get update.  

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