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Tuesday, 19 February 2019 11:50

Dear Harper

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Dear Harper,

I was out last week with my children and went to a local restaurant/bar.  We went early (5:30 pm) on a Friday.  My children ages 7 and 9 wanted to sit at the bar. 

I allowed it.  Shortly, after arriving the bar began to get busy and I heard several people comment how rude it was to have children at a bar on a Friday night.  I overheard one person comment they got a babysitter to go out, not to sit with other children.  What is the right thing?


Dear Mom-at-Bar,

While each restaurant/bar may have their own rules, I do not believe there is any law against sitting at the bar with your children in a restaurant. You could check with your local police department.  This is an area of what would be thought of as common curtesy.  When taking your children out to eat, you would assume this is a “family” event.  If there were available tables in the restaurant (which I would think at 5:30 pm would be the case) in my opinion it would have been a better choice to make.  Have you ever listened to bar conversation?  A group of adults sitting at a bar talking is probably not the conversation you want 7 and 9-year-old to hear.  Nor is it right to expect these customers to have to “watch out” for your children.  Your little guys will grow up fast enough, keep them with you and enjoy the family time.


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