FoCo Woman
Sunday, 16 December 2018 11:20

Tips for Organizing the Holidays

Make the Holidays fun for you too, with planning, organization and a few shortcuts.

Here are some great tips to getting and staying organized for this holiday season.



Get every one involved.  Planning and preparing should be a family event, not a one man show.  Put your favorite music on, start singing and have everyone helping.  Enjoy it only happens once a year.


There is always a million things that need to be done.  That fact is it probably all won't get done, you do have to sleep sometimes.  Make yourself a list of everything from baking, crafts, cards, pictures, phone calls, decorating, etc.  Now make that list!  It is gratifying to cross off multiple items.


This is going tto be a temporary place that will be disassembled BEFORE guest arrive.  The idea is to have everything in one place and you can wrap whenever you have a spare minute.  Having everything out and ready will speed this up.


Every minute is important so once again have those list ready to go.  Every shopping trip should be the most it can be, if you need tape, milk, another present, gift cards, etc. you can get this items almost anywhere you stop so buy at that place.


Get the photo done early!!  Keep your list in a safe place and a place you can add to each year.  Make it easy....


This may sound silly, but knowing what each family member is wearing in advance will take a lot of stress off that day.  Figure it out, hang them for easy reaching and mark that off the list!


This little pesky thing should be done with your list, as you are making them allocate the dollars for each item, make sure you stay in the budget you have.  All too many times those credit cards get run up and the bank account goes quickly making January the worst month of the year.


This is the most challenging area for most people. Start planning your menus early.  Remember so much can be done ahead of time, so once again mark a list or the calendar for baking days.  If you are ordering food do that in plenty of time.  A good rule of thumb is to be finished baking 3 days ahead, set up your tables, finalize the guest list.  Two days ahead set up the dinning room or eating tables, get beverages that need chilling in the refrigerator or on ice.  Have acooking time schedule for the big day, so that the oven times, stove top etc or maximized.


In all the maddness let's not forget to organize our heart and minds so that we keep the forcus on the true meaning of each holiday.  Enjoy this special time with family and firends because spending time with loved ones is so much more important than that gift, or pie.

Happy Holidays!!!