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Thursday, 06 December 2018 10:35

Fun Shopping Facts

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The more we know the better shoppers we are, read on to see some of the tricks of the trade or atleast get some triva answers...
  • · The average holiday shopper will spend $107.50 on themselves.
  • · While the deals offered on Black Friday often aren’t necessarily the best deals that will be offered during the holiday shopping season, standing outside stores at 4:30 a.m. or earlier has become a family tradition as well as a ritual of sorts that holds an important social component.
  • · Holiday retailers use music to attract potential shoppers. For example,  if shoppers like the type of music retailers are playing, they will be more likely to enter the store and like the products. Additionally, the slower the tempo of the music, the slower people will walk through the store, and the more they will buy. A faster tempo will encourage shoppers to walk faster and, consequently, they won’t buy as much.[
·  Retailers rely on several psychological triggers to attract consumers into their store, such as placing limits on items, offering “gifts” with purchase, employing visual tricks, and declaring that sales are ending soon (when in fact discounts are common throughout the season
  • · Research indicates that shopping has a direct effect on the brain’s pleasure centers. It can flood the brain with dopamine, similar to the way a drug addict experiences a fix.
  • · Many “door buster deals” advertised on Black Friday, such as those on expensive items (like HDTVs), are typically in very limited supplies—maybe just 4-6 per store—and act merely as lures to attract customers.
  • · Retail researchers note a “butt brush” effect, which means that when a customer’s personal space is invaded, he or she will leave, even if interested in the item.[
  • · Satellite images of America’s retail parking lots are used to predict how well retailers will do in the holiday season and for quarterly earnings.  However, parking lot images don’t take into other factors, such as online shoppers.
  • · The National Retail Federation considers the “holiday shopping” season to be the full months of November and December, which is usually 55 days.
  • · The busiest shopping day of the year is not Black Friday, but the Saturday before Christmas. The busiest online shopping day takes place on the Monday or Tuesday a week or two before the week of Christmas.[
  • · Researchers have proven that a “50% off” sign leads in increased sales, even if shoppers don’t know the original price or what a reasonable price for the product would be.
  • · In 2013, retailers lost $3.4 billion due to return fraud during the holiday season. The most common form of return fraud is the return of stolen merchandis·
  • Single shoppers make 45% more impulse buys than married shoppers.

Additional Info

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