Thursday, 01 November 2018 15:18

Restaurant and Food Service Inspections

Here are some restaurant and food service inspections in Forsyth County for the past 2 weeks.

Each item on an inspection form has a point value ranging from 1 to 9, with violations deduction points from the best score of 100.  Higher points are taken for items with higher risk to cause illness, repeat violations take even more points.  Letter Grades assigned are A for 100 to 90 points, B for 89 to 80, C for 79 to 70 and & for less than 70.

Bukharaa Indian Restaurant     Grade B                              Launch Trampoline Park       Grade A

Calabria Pizza and Subs, Inc.    Grade U                             Midway Elementary School    Grade A

Carrabbas Italian Grill              Grade B                             Silver City Elementary           Grade A

The Catering Company            Grade A                             Subwings                             Grade A

Anjappae Indian Resturant      Grade U                             Applebee's                           Grade B

Cornerstone School Bldg.         Grade C                            Black Diamond Bar & Grill      Grade C

Cracker Barrel #697                Grade A                            Gracemont Assisted Living     Grade A

Green China                           Grade A                            Hacienda Bar & Grill              Grade A

Jersey Boyz Pizza                    Grade A                            Maki Sushi                           Grade B

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