Friday, 26 October 2018 09:27

Highest School Scores in Georgia

Forsyth County Schools have earned the highest SAT score in Gerogia

The highest SAT scores in Georgia hasve been earned by Forsyth County Schools, and for the fourth straight year, the Forsyth County school district had the highest ACT composite score in Georgia.

On the SAT scores this district's mean score of 1167 was just ahead of Oconee County Schools and Decatur City Schools for the graduating class of 2018.

The SAT is a standardized test used for college admissions.  A perfect score of 1600 or 800 in each test area.  Our disctrict's scores improved by 21 points in 2018.  In addition, Forsyth students lead the state in the math section of 578.

Three of the districts five high schools were among the top 30 in the state with the highest SAT scores.  Lambert ranked No. 7, South Forsyth No. 13 and West Forsyth No. 29.

FCS students staff, parents, community and business members should all be very proud of our ACT scores.  The ACT is one of two standardized test used for college admissions.  The county's five high schools in 2018 had a composite score of 24.5 out or a possible 36.  This is well above the state score of 21.4 and the national of 20.8.  Four high schools were in the top 35 of 434 high schools.  They were Lambert with 25.5, South Forsyth with 25.3, West Forsyth with 23.9 and Forsyth Central with 23.7