Thursday, 25 October 2018 09:36

Garage Suites for Car Enthusiants Featured

Plans are being reviewed for Stables Motor Condos and Retail Village on McFarland Parkway and will include 150 private garage suites inside a gated community.

Destination Development Partners and The Good group per a news released have submitted plans for Stables Motor Condos and Retail Village.  The development is being build on 28.5 acres with "an area of distrubance of about 19.51 acres" . 

There will be an additional 40,000 square feet of multi-tenant space.  The development will include a restaurant with tooftop bar, coffe shop, an event venue a distillery with tasting room and 6.5 acres of nature walking trails and kids play area.  This park area will be dedicated to the original family that owned the land.  

The development will also have many auto-based elements, which will include a warehouse facility for collector car storage, a car wash and a boutique dealership and customization shop.

Forsyth County Commissioners voted in October 2017, to rezone 16.7 acres of land from agriculture district (A1) to industrial district (M1) and nine acres from A1 to community business district (CBD) for the development.