Wednesday, 24 October 2018 14:37

Sawnee EMC Rate Decrease

Sawnee EMC has approved a retail rate decrease..

Sawnee Board of Directors has approved a retail rate decrease for the remainder of 2018.  For every 1,500 kWh of energy used accounts will see on the average a decrease of $9.95

The net effect of this action is to lower the amount each affected member pays for electricity for the rest of the year.

Michael Goodroe, President and CEO of Sawnee states "We are very glad that we can make this decrease for our members."  "The Board of Directos and staff of Sawnee strive to keep costs and rates as low as possible, while still delivering excellent service", he added.

Remember, the actual reduction for each account will vary during this period.  For additional information or questions call (770) 887-2363, or email [email protected], or visit www.sawnee.com.