Thursday, 05 October 2017 14:00

Levent Lager

Vickery Villages Cherry Street Brewing Co-op rolls out Levent Lager !!!

In honor of Todd Levent, Chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners.


When you think Politics, you usually do not think alcohol.....Todd Levent has been instrumental in bringing things up to the board to improve the alcohol ordinances.  Nick Tanner, owner of Cherry Street stated Todd's contibution had significantly changed

the business.  Tanner, stated restrictive alcohol laws deters business and having more flexible, easy-going alcohol ordinances is definitely more attractive for business in the county."  Levent stated" he is pro-business and the older ordinances did not allow local breweries to compete with those in surrounding counties.

Tanner said that the ordinance changes have "done wonders for business."  In 2012 the ordinances were changed to allow brew pubs--restaurants that brew their own beer--to exist in the county and two changes in 2016 allowed restaurants in mixed-use developments to sell one to go beer to customers and another let brepubs sell growlers, which typically resemble a glass jug, directly to customers.  Tanner stated "To allow sell of beer to o was a really big thing in reducing drinking and driving..  Selling growlers has also helped reach new customers and regularly brings tourist to the county to try the beers.

Levent Lager isn't the first beer from Cherry Street named for Forsyth County and the Surrounding area.  Chief Sawnee's Stash Coconut Porter, named for the local legend of Chief Sawnee's treasure on Sawnee Mountain and Hemlock Pale Ale for HemlockFest in Hall County.

What is Levent Lager?   Levent Lager is 5.4% ABV/ 18 IBU  It is an amber colored lager.  Go in an ask for a taste

One of the missions of Cherry Street Brewing is "supporting community" just like they did us.