Monday, 12 June 2017 12:28

A Local Man's Kindness

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Jeremiah Walker took his time at the Georgia Department of Driver Services, and he’s glad he did.
Forsyth Central High School teacher Jeremiah Walker was at the DDS in Forsyth County last week when he noticed an older woman peering through her purse for various forms of ID.
“She asked me if I could help her because she was almost completely blind,” Walker said.

The woman, later identified only as Herta, was there to get her official Georgia ID card because she just moved from Florida.

Walker asked the woman at the desk to push back his paperwork because he knew helping Herta would take some time.

Walker read the various questions to Herta from the required paperwork, and the two talked about how she moved to the United States from Germany in 1940. They talked about how her name is engraved at Ellis Island, and how the view of the Statue of Liberty on the morning she arrived in the United States from Germany on the SS America was so breathtaking that she and everyone on the ship began to cry.
“Her eyes welled up with tears as she spent the next several minutes reminding how incredibly proud she is to be an American,” Walker said.
 The two even talked about which pair of glasses would look better for her ID photo.

“We decided to go with the gold-rimmed glasses since they matched her earrings,” Walker said.
 When her paperwork was completed, Walker escorted her to the counter and told the employee that she would need help knowing where to sign.

Walker said that right before the two parted ways, Herta gave him a powerful hug full of sincerity and blew him a kiss.
 “Today, I took my time at the Georgia Department of Driver Services, and I’m so glad I did,” Walker said