Georgia State Government

The State of Georgia has many agencies that can be accessed through the following links.

Forsyth County Government

Forsyth County has the honor of being both in the top fastest growing areas of the nation and in the top wealthiest counties of the nation.  Named for John Forsyth, who served as attorney general of Georgia, US Senator and Representative, Minister to Spain, Governor of Georgia and US Secretary of State,  the county was incorporated in 1832 and encompasses 247 square miles at the base of the Appalachain mountains.

Fosyth County Government -  Home page



Cumming City Government

The city of Cumming, Georgia, is named after 1812 war hero William Cumming.  The city itself is 5.9 square miles and is the county seat for Forsyth County.

Below are links to the City website and various departments.

City of Cumming - Home page